7 Korean Make-Up Trends

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When people hear make up, they think about red lipstick, bright eyeshadow and too much foundation. Well, not when it comes to Korea. Korea is known for their natural make-up trends. We are going to introduce you to a couple of make up trends that we personally love. 

1.  The gradient lips.
This is really easy to get. What you do is you take a darker shade of lipstick  and put it in the middle. Then you take the lighter shade or some concealer and put it on the outside. The reason why Korean women and girls like this look is because it gives the illusion that your lips are smaller. This got popular because of the idols and actors that sported this look.

2. Straight Eyebrows.
We all know this look. Practically every Korean actor or Idol has this. The straight eyebrows, mostly colored in with a brown or natural looking eyebrowpencil. The reason why this is so loved,  is because it gives the person a more innocent and youthful look. Most Korean celebrities have these eyebrows, male and female. 

3. Bright Eyeshadow.
This look is not something that they wear every day. This is more of a chic look. The western make-up style goes for more dark colors like brown ,gray etc. While Korean women will more likely go for bright colors like red or orange. This will instantly brighten your face and make your eyes look bigger.

4. Eyeliner.
This makes us go to the next trend, Eyeliner. When people think about Korean make up they will probably think eyeliner. This is a very important part of the make-up of girls these days. Older women like to wear bold black eyeliner while the younger girls go for more soft and natural brown. This adds up again to the fact that they want to look youthful and fresh. What they also like to do, is drawing the eyeliner downwards instead of upwards. This gives what people call "puppy eyes".

5. Blush.
This look instantly lifts your face up. By using a bright blush, mostly orange or hot pink. Your cheekbones will be lifted and your face will look clear and bright.

6. Dewy skin.
I'm sure you would've noticed by now. Every Actor or Idol has this bright and dewy skin. The reason why they have this kind of skin is because they use a BB cream that has a highlighter in it. You don't have to buy fancy creams to achieve this look. Just mix some of your foundation with your moisturizer or your fluid highlighter and softly dab it on to your skin.

7. Circle Lenses.
These are not really make-up product, they just enhance your eyes when you wear make-up. They come in all sorts of colors and textures. A lot of girls like these because they open up your eyes and make them look bigger. They are used by a lot of celebrities, ranging from female to male.

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